Visiting Nana

Visiting Nana,  University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice
Visiting Nana
Acrylic on recycled MDF, I want to use a snapshot of a grandmother and child sharing a moment. Back inside the window of Nana's House after a time when Visiting Nana became a rare, strange thing. Through engaging with the source material it became a project about ‘Visiting’ and how ‘Visiting Nana’ and ‘Visiting Mom’ are two different experiences, though the same place and person. I look on observing a connection between my mother and my child. The project has opened avenues of exploration around themes such as ‘home’, ‘parent/child relationships’ ‘grandparent/parent/child relationships’.

University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice (CEAD1009 Painting & Visual Research, )    46 x 38 x 0.5    €200.00   


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