Stand for the photo

Stand for the photo,  University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice
Stand for the photo
Acrylic on recycled mdf. SOLD
The old call of 'stand for the photo' hardly means anything in a world of disposable, filterable, editable, instant, photographs. I want to use a snapshot of a grandmother and children sharing a moment. The normal, everyday life that has become rare in the recent past. Through engaging with the source material it became a project about ‘Visiting’ and how ‘Visiting Nana’ and ‘Visiting Mom’ are two different experiences, though the same place and person. I am an observer in the former, becoming my mother as I am now the one calling out 'stand for the photo'. The project has opened avenues of exploration around themes such as ‘home’, ‘parent/child relationships’ ‘grandparent/parent/child relationships’.

University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice (CEAD1009 Painting & Visual Research, )    56 x 45 x 0.5   


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