The Release

The Release , Non-Credit Courses
The Release
Title: The Release Materials: Bronze The sculpture explores the theme of releasing emotions, both negative and positive. The hand of the artist has broken through solid, hardened earth that has confined the emotions represented by the birds. Liberating the negative allows for a new start, with fingers crossed wishing for the positive to remain although released. The piece has been cast in bronze using the lost wax method, followed by patination. The birds have been patinated in an aqua blue which is mystical & more spiritual in contrast to the grounded darker colour of the hand & hardened earth. Mainly my work has been in the medium of silver, creating jewellery that has a three dimensional feel. Recently I have moved into working in wax, casting into bigger bronze sculpture pieces.

Non-Credit Courses (S302 Constructing Sculpture through Bronze Casting )   20 x 14 x 15   €1,750.00   


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