Golden Memories

Golden Memories, Non-Credit Courses
Golden Memories
Bord Na Mona Peat Briquettes have been synonymous with the Irish fireside culture for generations. An easily recognisable piece by young and old, home based or on foreign soil is all set to change in 2024 when the production of these will stop to protect the peat Bog-land biodiversity future for generations ahead. With the ever changing landscape in Ireland’s history the BNM Peat Briquette is set to become a 'Golden Memory' in Ireland's collective memory. Artist had made a bronze casting of these, made a plinth and concrete ones for display on the floor beside the plinth. c.a. 1 metre floor space required. Plinth is 7ft in height

Non-Credit Courses (S302 Constructing Sculpture through Bronze Casting )    213 x 100 x 100    €1,200.00   


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