Circuit ,  University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice
Circuit. Triggered by the sudden death of a young family member, the artist began to explore the sequence of life.  There is an expected formula of birth, life and death, but when that sequence is interrupted we seek to try to understand, existentially, our experience. Being vulnerable becomes apparent, there are no guarantees and our experience of life is questioned.   There is the expected vs the non expected which in turn re-enforces the lack of certainty, the non-expected causes grief.  This grief we carry through the rest of our life journey and these emotions are passed on through conversations, genetic trauma and associated experiences.  Making grief a cycle which becomes embedded into birth, life and death.  Notes: Fragile pieces mixed media, glass wax, charcoal, and coal dust. silver birch, wire carbon paper, wax There are many pieces in this and I don't know how to price them as individual pieces

University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice (CEAD1006 Sculpture & Drawing)   200 x 150 x 2  


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