‘Untitled’,  University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice
This collection is based some of my thoughts during COVID. During COVID my home and garden became my absolute sanctuary. I started to think of the tenants who came before me. When we moved into the house there were layer upon layers of peeling paint and wallpaper. Bright colours and crazy patterns from different eras. I kept them in mind as I painted the house…. which in turn will be painted over by someone else when my time has passed. I wanted to encapsulate the joy of moving into and painting a new home. The creation of a sanctuary. The garden as an outside living space as well. The endless possibilities of what life will offer, while remembering the past of others. Screen print, gold foil and heat press

University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice (CEAD1011 Printed Textile Design )   34 x 43   €450.00   


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