Barriers to Entry / 7,200 sqm

Barriers to Entry / 7,200 sqm, Higher Diploma in Art AD082
Barriers to Entry / 7,200 sqm
This layered painting reflects the evolution of Dublin city over time and changes to its coastline and rivers. Older maps with ships on the ‘Anna Liffey’, modern ‘’ maps showing hotel prices and availability and route maps of now hidden rivers are drawn or used in collage form to give a sense of a changing city. The main composition of a building site highlights the present day evolution of the city and also the challenges faced in providing housing for residents and accommodation for ever growing tourist numbers. The use of dripping ink and translucent acrylic paint reflect the qualities of water which are interwoven into the city’s past and present and also into this painting.

Higher Diploma in Art AD082 (HDip Year 2)   29.7 x 42 x 2  


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