The Value of Iridescence

The Value of Iridescence, Higher Diploma in Art AD082
The Value of Iridescence
This work is an exploration of the microscopic structures that produce the shimmering play of colours known as iridescence. A range of shapes are constructed that make the light reflecting particles visible on a human scale. The patterns of iridescence are transformed into a 3D contour map. Paper trees represent the light scattering nanoparticles. The hologram on a banknote becomes the prow of a ship journeying towards the essence of the rainbowlike colour.
These elements are made into a short film in which stop motion animation, still photography and a range of editing techniques are employed to portray a voyage into the heart of the phenomenon of iridescence.
Bright colours and glossy textures give way to plain paper and bare wire and it is revealed that iridescence is caused by tiny colourless structures. To delve too far into the mystery behind iridescence is to lose sight of its beauty.

“Through a chink too wide there comes in no wonder”.
Patrick Kavanagh

Higher Diploma in Art AD082 (HDip Year 2)   


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