Creation of Adam

Creation of Adam,  University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice
Creation of Adam
nspired by one of the most popular paintings from Michelangelo, the twist of it is to represent everyone in the painting as black people. I am “Adam”, My god is not the “default old white man” I always see everywhere. If everyone of us was created as the image of God, I would imagine him as a rather black man instead. The “Angels” received different shades and tones of black skin complexion, including an albino boy. The God and the Angels are seated in a cloth material textured in gold representing the richness of African culture, from its expensive minerals to its abundant culture. The purple in the vestment and in the ribbon represents the royalty of the said “Black God”.

University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice ( CEAD1005 Extending a Visual Language)   42 x 54 x 1   €250.00   


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