Seascape - Viewing Point

Seascape - Viewing Point, Higher Diploma in Art AD082
Seascape - Viewing Point
70x100cm, acrylic on canvas. Under layer of collage. My exploration of the sea surface is part of a journey over the course of which I have discovered liminal spaces, investigated floating forms and the landscape itself. I focused on the texture of the sea surface itself, further exploring how it feels but also removing most of the boundaries such as the pier and marina, creating [I hope] a more direct relationship between the viewer and the physicality of the sea. I hope when the viewer sees the paintings and moving image, that they will find cross references of colour, marks and made images, but also expressions of what it feels like to be close to and underwater in the sea.

Higher Diploma in Art AD082 (HDip Year 1)   70 x 100 x 4.5   €200.00   


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