Black Reflection

Black Reflection,  University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice
Black Reflection
After studying and reflecting on the history of my ancestors, I realized that slavery in Brazil ended a few generations ago. Most likely my grandfathers father or his grandfather was an actual slave. I portrait myself in the painting as I see myself constantly realizing slavery has ended but I continue to be a slave, most of us are slaves, slaves of the 9 to 5, five days a week, slaves of these big companies we sell our precious time to in order to survive. In the painting I am reflecting on how am I going to free myself from slavery, and the pitch black room represents the emptiness in the possibilities to resolve that situation” The imaginary cuffs: The cuffs are not physical, but rather psychological. The hand cuffs are broken, representing the false sense of freedom the slavery abolishment has given to people, and the cuffs in his feet are rather intact, they represent the sense of the capitalism slavery in his message.

University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice ( CEAD1005 Extending a Visual Language)   42 x 29 x 1  


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